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It's always a thrill shooting live action, being surrounded by good company and capturing the entire day so you remember it years from now. I'll use all the necessary equipment to capture those special moments and you'll receive footage from make-up and first drinks right through till late in the evening. . Then with everything captured you'll get:

·     A unique 6-minute story of your day.

·     2x 30-60 second edits to share on your social media. 

·     All RAW footage from the day.

·     Aerial footage (depending on weather conditions and location).

·     Audio from all speeches made on the day.




SUNDOWN also enjoys putting a creative twist on all those other special events that you want to remember. Birthdays, Engagements, Baby Showers, Bucks Days, and practically anything else you can celebrate. This package also gets access to all the incredible equipment to give you:

·     A 3-minute unique highlight package of the event.

·     A 30-second edit to share on your Instagram.

·     And all audio from the day.

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It’s great to see small business' creating a career they're passionate about. But with plenty of competition, it’s important to show off all your hard work. SUNDOWN enjoys collaborating and creating content for all platforms.

·     Hourly rate filming on location.

·     45-60 second edits for social media or website



For all SUNDOWN Projects click here.

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Equipment list:

·      Panasonic Lumix GH5

·      Panasonic Lumix Lenses 12-35mm/30-100mm/100-300mm

·      DJI Mavic Pro

·      Ikan Beholder EC1

·      RODE VideoMic Pro

·      And all the necessary accessories to support my equipment

·      All edited on an iMac Pro with Adobe Creative Cloud